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Warriors Athletics

Nauset Regional High School


Warriors Athletics

Nauset Regional High School

Warriors Athletics

Nauset Regional High School

Tuesday 9/11/2018 @ 4:00 pm
(H) vs Barnstable High School

Nauset High School 25
Barnstable High School 30

September 11, 2018

Nauset vs. Barnstable HOME - 3.1 miles

The Nauset Boys Cross Country team pulled out a close win - 25-30 - against Barnstable on a very hot and humid day. 

Some of the boys had a faster race than last week, while others had a tougher time in the conditions, yet together the team proved that they can handle the competition and finish ahead. 

Senior Captain Jake Pearl led the whole way and won by over a minute, while Sophomore Finn Riley bettered his previous time and placed third. 

Freshman Jeremiah Pranga improved his previous time by one minute, placing sixth. In seventh was Junior Aidan Dill with a 45 second improvement, eighth was Senior Captain Max Christopher, eleventh was Junior Tyler Hutchinson, and thirteenth was Junior Kieran Norton to round out Nauset’s Top 7. 

As a team, we were a strong force with many of the first-time runners displaying great improvements. Freshman Max Dio bettered his time by 20 seconds, while Junior John McCarthy improved by 2 minutes and 31 seconds! 

Great job boys, on to Cape Cod Academy!

Jake Pearl 17:34

Finn Riley 19:06

Jeremiah Pranga 19:40

Aidan Dill 20:07

Max Christopher 20:15

Tyler Hutchinson 21:06

Kieran Norton 21:20

Ben Callson 21:29

Max Dio 22:25

John McCarthy 23:23

Christian Augat 23:29

Thomas Harwood 23:30

James Lord 23:31

Brendan Hamaty 23:42

Jake Pooler 23:52

Caleb Caldwell 23:55

Gavin Parrott 24:15

Jack Fettig 24:49

Noah Dziedzina 24:59

Christian Beer 25:29

Aidan Rhodes 25:47

Spencer Granlund 26:13

Cameron Beer 26:18

Zach Roth 26:48

Will Mulholland 27:19

Cam MacMartin 27:28

Ben Ellis 28:17

Chuck Jones 32:27

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