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Warriors Athletics

Nauset Regional High School


Warriors Athletics

Nauset Regional High School

Warriors Athletics

Nauset Regional High School

Wednesday 9/05/2018 @ 4:30 pm
(H) vs Canton High School

Nauset High School 25
Canton High School 31

September 5, 2018

Nauset vs. Canton HOME - 3.1 miles

Nauset Boys Cross Country got off to a great start defeating Canton 26 to 31. 

Senior Captain Jake Pearl led the team, with sophomore Finn Riley coming in a strong second. Senior Captain Max Christopher battled and beat a Canton runner to be the third Nauset finisher- 6th place overall. Freshman Jeremiah Pranga was fourth for Nauset, placing 8th overall, and junior Kieran Norton was Nauset’s fifth runner at 9th place overall. 

After the Top 5 came Aidan Dill, Tyler Hutchinson, Ben Calsson, Christian Augat, and Matt Dadoly to round out Nauset’s Top 10. 

It was a great debut of a new home course and many new runners!


Jake Pearl 17:39

Finn Riley 19:24

Max Christopher 20:06

Jeremiah Pranga 20:37

Keiran Norton 20:51

Aidan Dill 20:52

Tyler Hutchinson 21:13

Ben Calsson 21:25

Christian Augat 21:26

Matt Dadoly 22:40

Max Dio 22:42

James Lord 22:51

Caleb Caldwell 22:54

Brendan Hamaty 23:54

Christian Beer 24:03

Spencer Granlund 24:35

Noah Dziedzina 24:49

Cam MacMartin 25:47

Will Mulholland 25:48

John McCarthy 26:04

Cam Beer 26:06

Logan Bentz 27:39

Zach Roth 27:56

Ben Ellis 27:57

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