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Warriors Athletics

Nauset Regional High School


Warriors Athletics

Nauset Regional High School

Warriors Athletics

Nauset Regional High School

Wednesday 9/26/2018 @ 4:00 pm (Recommended Arrival Time 4:00 PM)
(H) vs Marshfield High School

Nauset High School 39
Marshfield High School 20

The Nauset Boys XC team had a tough challenge facing a dominant Marshfield team today and while we didn’t win in points we did excel in time improvements and competitive racing.

Jake Pearl lead from the start to the finish, winning by 51 seconds with time of  17:15. Finn Riley 18:39 and Jeremiah Pranga 18:41 were Nauset’s next two finishers. Aidan Dill 19:18 was Nauset’s fourth finisher, Max Christopher fifth 19:42, Tyler Hutchinson sixth 20:29, Ben Calsson seventh 20:36, Keiran Norton eighth 20:53, Johnny McCarthy ninth 21:47 and Thomas Harwood 22:01 rounded off the top ten.

It was a solid team effort and we ran hard but Marshfield’s front pack was too tight for us to break apart. Following is a list of the Nauset runners in order and their times: 

Max Dio 22:07

Jack Fettig 22:19

Gavin Parrott  22:22

Caleb Caldwell 22:36

Jake Pooler 22:37

Matt Dadoly 22:47

James Lord 23:07

Noah Dziedzira 23:28

Cameron Beer 23:42

Brendan Hammaty 23:47

Spencer Granlund 23:52

Logan Bentz 23:54

Aidan Rhodes 23:57

Ben Ellis 24:43

Christian Beer 25:50

Kevin Campbell 26:00

Chuck Jones 28:30

Zach Droullard 31:25

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