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Nauset Regional High School


Warriors Athletics

Nauset Regional High School

Warriors Athletics

Nauset Regional High School

Team News.

Team News

6 years ago @ 7:39AM


I just received this message from DY AD.  

"I received a call from Neil Murphy at Sandwich,  they can not play soccer today due to their field conditions.  So he is moving the varsity and JV games to tomorrow.  That is unfortunate because we will not be able to play our Freshman soccer game vs Nauset.  I apologize this is out of my hands and is due entirely to Sandwich's field issues.  Again Pat please cancel the officials for Saturday 10/18 at DY freshman boys soccer."

Team News

6 years ago @ 3:17PM


Hi Oceana SC Parents & Players,

A reminder that the deadline for players toe register for travel teams to play in the South Coast Soccer League in the spring 2015 is October 31 st , 2014.

All players must register online using the GOTSoccer account you have for them. The username and password are at the bottom of this email. Some of you may have duplicate accounts and receive two usernames and logins. Please check both to see which one is most current and use that one.

This takes less than five minutes and is only about 5 clicks. The instructions are below.

You don't have to pay to register online. We aren't set-up to take electronic payments at this time. Please send a check(include players name and age on it) of $190 payable to:

Oceana SC

PO Box 2643

Orleans, MA 02653

Online Registration Instructions:

  • Login to gotsoccer.com with your user name and password at the bottom of this email.
    • Go to gotsoccer.com
    • Click "User Login" in the top right corner of page
    • Click on "Players and Families" login
  • Click on " CLUBS " in the menu bar at the top NOT CLUB DIRECTORY .
  • Select Massachusetts in the drop down menu and type in Oceana in "Club Name"
  • Click "GO"
  • Ocean logo will appear. Click on "VIEW"
  • Click on "REGISTER" next to Oceana SC Spring 2015
  • Finish registration - Please update any missing information or additional contacts (email and phone) that you would like on the account.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,

Keith Clark

OSC President